Una Szeemann / Miriam Laura Leonardi, 2020
Kulturfolger Zurich

To recognize the priestess, to decipher her name, lifting a few shields is not enough; the fracas of battle calling a truce is not enough; who is she who, opening the door, has allowed all this noise and this fury? There, beneath the dazzling mosaic, beneath the thick and chaotic material of the abstract masterpiece, she dies, the noisy beauty, perhaps letting her foot be seen, perhaps letting her foot stick out beyond the precious stones. There again is a geometral. Who is she, the unknown vestal? Tarpeia, her name is Tarpeia. (Serres, Rome)

I heard a rumour that in Zurich, in the middle of the neighbourhood whose centre is carrying names of very special females; at the crossroads of two small streets given to Ida and Gertrud; inside of a small shophouse, two artists Miriam & Una are building a character, while playing with Kulturfolger’s ritual scripts. A goddess, a new Vestal Virgin. I heard she is precise, sovereign, bewitching, intimidating with beauty. If you want to save your soul, do not hesitate, do it here and now, entrust it to the variable storm.

There are six reported supernatural appearances by Tarpeia, the renegade Vestal Virgin. I heard she worked for Oshun, Hathor, Hestia, Freyja, Mary and many more after leaving her job at Vesta’s temple; and now she has a new career as a necromancer, a dancer, a software, an alien. She is half human, half divine. After a scandalous tragedy in which Roman men raptured Sabines, she lost her faith in the grand Roman Republic. Tarpeia let the Sabine military enter the walls of Rome, as a revenge to the Republic for their unspeakable crime. For that act, history threw her off the cliff, but this actually made her powers supernatural. She is made out of traces, with the potential for divination. Below is a list of alleged events surrounding notable Tarpeia’s apparitions, that have been judged to be “worthy of belief.”